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Recipe Reciprocity - Meatball Mummies
Away from my kitchen all week, I missed the boat on Halloween treats this year, but I’m fairly confident this roundup of great low-maintenance spook-inspired treats from around the blogosphere should more than make up for it. 

1. I, like Julie of Coordinately Yoursoften prefer marshmallows to traditional icing, and there is perhaps no better time for such a swap than on Halloween. Her homemade marshmallow ghosts are genius enough as is, but combine that with a chocolate ganache cake and her Hot Cocoa Ghost Cake creation is mind-blowing.
2. Going overboard on sweets is really easy to do on Halloween, which is why it’s important to balance out the candy with savory items. Recipe Runner’s Mini Spider Pizzas look like a great, easy and adorable way to do just that.
3. I love a good popcorn-candy mix and Back to Her Roots has the best one I’ve seen. Cassies’ Monster Munch with its popcorn, pretzels, candy corn, M&Ms, and peanuts is something to be admired and imitated. The song Monster Mash will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day. 
4. If we could survive on candy alone, we would, but fruit’s important too. To keep things fun, Bit Squared has a great idea for Candy Corn Fruit Kebabs
5. And finally, halfway homemade Meatball Mummies by Freshly Photographed that are sure to get you in the spooky spirit. 

That’ll do it for this week’s hat tip to my fellow food bloggers. Thanks for all the great ideas, ladies!

Boo! (The fun, scary kind, obviously).

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Jasmine Lime Tea Cooler

Today marks a special day in Fortune Goodies history. For the first time, I’ve invited a contributor: my ex-boyfriend-future-husband (think about it), Brian Weiss to share a recipe. Take it away Brian!

Guest Barista Brian: “You guys. Something is happening to me. When you date an Asian girl for nearly five years, your tastes start to… change. Suddenly I’m into all sorts of Asian things I was never into, green tea chief among them (still not into Hello Kitty or annoying selfies in crowded places though). 

Anyhoo! You can imagine how excited I was to visit Peet’s Coffee and Tea over the summer and find their Jasmine Green Tea Lime Cooler. The perfect mix of sweet, Asian and cold as ice – just like Yang! (I’m clearly sleeping on the couch tonight). At $3 a piece these things aren’t cheap, so I thought I’d try my hand at making it at home. The results are just as good and much more affordable.

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Pic Me Up - NYC 10.28
Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to in New York. On Sunday, I got some quality time in with my dear friend Megan who came down from Connecticut to join me for the day and night. We spent our time walking around the city, stopping in stores and restaurants along the way. We also wasted a good deal of time at Paper Source as we often do, because we’re such wild and exciting 20-somethings. Yesterday was sister-brother time, and Bowen and I got dinner at our beloved Yakiniku West and caught a screening of Birdman at the Angelika. The film is both absurd and awesome and I highly recommend it. 

Tonight and tomorrow is more time with friends and I’m so looking forward to both. Wishing you similarly good weeks catching up with your own. Happy hump day! 

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Fortune Finds70
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my current desires and distractions.

1. An informative and at times disappointing video infographic on what 2,000 calories actually looks like. (Business Insider) 
2. Cookie butter fans rejoice! A great homemade cookie butter recipe using any cookie as your base. (A Beautiful Mess)
3. New York’s Loews Regency is one of my favorite hotels, and this was before undergoing a 100-million dollar renovation. I love it even more now! I want to copy every last detail for my own future master bedroom and bathroom. Until then, I’ll just make the most of my time with the room on loan. (Telegraph)
4. Fall is in full swing, which means French-phrase sweater season is upon us. I love this La Superbe sweatshirt, but it’s already sold out! Quel dommage! (Madewell)
5. Speaking of French, I love this Jean Valjean baby costume idea, among others. Victor Hugo would be proud. (Hello Giggles)
6. Food phrases that we should all probably quit using. I’m definitely guilty of overdoing “jazz up” and “take it to the next level.” (The Kitchn)
7. “All About that Bass” 1940′s-style. Even better than the original. (Superstar Magazine)
8. Emoji comebacks worth knowing, because why have the last word when you can have the last emoji? (BuzzFeed)

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Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins

Greetings from New York City! Late Friday afternoon, I got a call summoning me to work out of our main office for the week and I jumped at the opportunity. New York in the fall is my favorite, and made all the better on the company expense account. While here I’m making a point of seeing some of my favorite people and eating at some of my favorite restaurants, and hope to share a food diary later this week. Until then, you can check out some of my recommendations from my trip to New York this time last year. 

Second to New York, my next favorite things about this season are pumpkin baked goods, especially of the homemade variety. Without further ado, follow along for Mini Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Muffins that capture all of my favorite fall flavors in convenient, sugary bite-sized servings. 

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Homemade Pizza Rolls
I really really don’t like this picture. I’m embarrassed and hear nails on a chalkboard just looking at it. But as I was making these homemade Pizza Rolls for a potluck party last night, I knew right away that they would be a crowd-pleaser, and they proved to be so good and  so easy to make that I knew that even with the unfortunate photographs (hello early sunsets), I had to share what I’d done. I mean, you guys, they’re homemade pizza rolls! 

Plus, requests for more have already been made, so I’ll be swapping out these pictures for better ones real soon. I better. 

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