flipping out: 2013 in pictures


Looking back, 2013 was a year of many ups and a few downs. In the last twelve months, I checked off another year of school, grew professionally, added a few more entries on my list of places traveled, and started this here blog of mine. I’d like to think I learned a life lesson or two along the way as well.

We also lost my grandmother late this year, and 2013 will therefore forever hold a sad, but special meaning with me. Her passing serves as a reminder that life is a thing to be cherished. Today, let’s give thanks that we were lucky enough to live through another year and blessed enough to witness the beginnings of the next. 

Here’s to 2013, and a happy, healthy New Year. 

Video made using the Flipagram app. Music: Let’s Go by Matt and Kim. 

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  1. Teesa says:

    happy new year, yang! your 2014 will be a great one.

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