a family portrait



This is not a good picture. The sky was too overcast, the composition isn’t quite right and the framing leaves something to be desired, and yet, I really love this picture, and thought I would share it today (originally intended for Wednesday, but whatever). This is a great picture. 

As I mentioned before, Brian and I were in Sanibel, Florida, where we joined his parents for the first two days of their annual winter vacation (Cleveland winters are no joke). This was my first visit, but Brian and his entire family have vacationed on the little island for generations. The weather this time wasn’t great (torrential downpours and our swimsuits never made it out of our bags), and we had to make an unfortunate visit to the emergency room (thankfully everyone’s ok), but I still found myself having a really good time. We got to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, enjoyed great conversation over delicious meals (the Weisses love their eating out), I fed grapes to adorable squirrel monkeys, and I had my first Dairy Queen Blizzard in years. Life was good. And being that this was my first time there, it all felt like a special Weiss-Feinberg-family rite of passage that I was really grateful to experience. 

Anyway, back to this picture. I really like it, because, as whatever as it is, it captures a very content-looking Brian walking back from the beach followed by his parents, two people he loves very much. His relationship with his parents is very different from the one I have with mine. Conversations with my mom and dad are best described as concise, loud and argumentative (in the most loving Chinese way, of course). Brian’s are long, winding and involved. And even though he almost always picks inopportune times to have these hour-plus phone calls (like when I’m hungry), I really admire his love and respect for his mom and dad.

This picture makes me think of that. And reminds me that with each step we all take, our parents, the ones who helped us get there in the first place, are never far behind. 

Bob and Cathy, thanks for always being there for him. You raised a good one.

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