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Welcome to Fortune Goodies!

If you’re here reading this page, you’re probably wondering two things: who is this Yang Yang? and what does “fortune goodies” even mean? Great questions.

First things first, I’m Yang, a 20-something lover of cupcakes with 40-something tendencies. I’m a fanatic for my friends, my husband, and family (pictured above). I’ve been fortunate enough to call Australia, Montreal, Colorado, New York City and DC home. I sound exciting, don’t I? Well don’t let it fool you. These days I live the homebody life in Atlanta, Georgia. Around these parts, Fridays alternate between Costco and Papa John’s pizza nights. 

Once a tv news producer, correspondent, and nighttime business-school student, these days, I work as a content manager. Above all else, I am a lover of food and I started Fortune Goodies as a creative outlet to help me get through work and school.

Fortune Goodies is a play on everyone’s favorite post-Chinese takeout snack. I’m an equal-opportunity baker, so you’ll see plenty more than just cookies here. Fortune Goodies is also the name of my hopeful, someday bakery. Until then, this is just another food blog, from just another girl. I hope you like what you see.

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Thanks for reading!