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Pic Me Up - Texas

I’m dedicating my inaugural ‘midweek pic me up’ (something I hope to do regularly) to my dear friends Rohini and Megan and to the great cities of San Antonio and Austin. I can’t believe it’s been more than two months since we were last together enjoying the sun and sights of Texas.

These pictures put a smile on my face and are a welcome reminder of the fun still to be had. Happy hump day!

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Blueberry Pie

Summer = Fruit Pie

Word-association games aren’t very fun for me. I usually draw a complete blank and people point and laugh and wonder if I’ve ever picked up a book. It’s tough. Summer and pie, however, are two words that I can easily get behind.


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Welcome to Fortune Goodies! And for those of you who’ve been here before, welcome back!

After being dormant for far too long,* I’m giving this blogging thing another try, a much bigger, harder try, and with a little more style. I hope you like the new look! I certainly do. 

I’ll be sharing stories and pictures from my current baking endeavors, travel and whatever else comes to mind. Some oldies-but-goodies from the first iteration of this blog may even make their way back on here too. 

Alright, that’s my spiel. I hope you like what you see. Come back again and often. 


*Thanks school. You too, work. I’m not letting you get in the way of this little thing again. 

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