Barcelona Map

Weather permitting, Brian and I will be leaving for Barcelona tomorrow night. In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed wishing and hoping that our flight doesn’t get canceled. So far so good. 

Wish us luck please, and come back to the blog for regular visits. I may be skipping town, but I’ll still have the usual daily posts here waiting for you.  

Happy Hump Day!

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4 Responses to barcelona!

  1. Have so much fun!! Fingers crossed about the weather for you…Can’t wait to see pictures :)

  2. Teesa says:

    ahhh!! hope you and brian have tons of fun with your friends!! ^can’t wait to see the pictures either!

  3. Edie says:

    Did you recommend to got to Barcelona? we are planning to go in November, did you have any tips? Thank you.

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