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{Tian An Men – Gate of Heavenly Peace}

Hello! Life on the other side of the world has been a busy one, but I’m back from my blogging hiatus, for now. My trip kicked off with a quick visit to Beijing. I’ve been there a handful of times, and always enjoy rediscovering the sights. Here are a few photos from my day as a tourist. 

Summer Palace Sky
{Forbidden City & Summer Palace}

We were so very lucky that Beijing’s infamous smog chose to skip town in our time there. The skies were so clear and blue and made the 100-degree heat a little more bearable. 

Beijing Food

One of the toughest things about only being in Beijing for two nights was picking where and what to eat from all of the options. On Thursday, we celebrated July 4th eating shumai dumplings at DuYiChu, a restaurant as old as our beloved USA. Peking Duck was mandatory and we devoured a fancy, modern take at Dadong Duck on our final night. 

Great Wall LandscaipeGreat Wall
Great Wall
{Mutianyu Great Wall}

The Great Wall is always breathtaking. We went to the Mutianyu section known for having the best views. The scenery was as advertised, but I think what I loved most about it was how surprisingly uncrowded it was. Feeling at peace in China is a precious thing. 


That does it for now. I hope you had yourself a great Fourth of July weekend. I know I did. 

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