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The other day I had the pleasure of showing my friend Kasia a few blogging pointers. Her blog Everyday Lovely will be up and running soon, so be sure to check it out. My tips for Kasia were less about plugins and widgets (although you can read all about my thoughts on the subject here), and more about style and user experience. I’m no blogging expert, but I have picked up a trick or two and hope any of you fellow up-and-coming bloggers find the following few pointers helpful. 

  • Upload pictures to full width of posts – This seems to be the “industry” standard. Blogs are a very visual medium and look best when pictures and text align. Plus, if you’re taking nice pictures, show them off! If your pictures aren’t taking up the full width, consider testing it out and see the difference for yourself.
  • Remove hyperlinks from pictures – We humans like to click things. So when presented with the option of the little white hand, chances are we’ll take the click. One of my pet peeves is when the click leads to nothing but the picture. Who needs it? So if you can avoid it, remove hyperlinks from pictures as they often upload with the link as the default. This avoids any unnecessary hitting of the ‘back’ button. 
  • Link to post in first picture – Another tip on that note, do make sure you link the first picture of any post to the post itself. Since I participate in the “read more,” “after the jump” style of blogging, I like to make the first picture of each post clickable to give readers more options to see the full post. 
  • Schedule your tweets in advance – I have a pathetically small number of Twitter followers, but I keep up with the daily post tweeting, because it’s just one of those things that you’re supposed to do in this day and age. For scheduling my tweets in advance, I use Bitly to shorten my links and track click-throughs, and use Tweetdeck to schedule. They say the afternoons are best for tweeting. Set it and forget it. 

That’ll do it for this latest installment of Blogging Wisdom. You can read more of my tips here

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