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Bridesmaid Gift BagsWhenever I think about my bridesmaids, my heart swells with love and pride for the ladies I’m so lucky to call my friends. Between Rohini #romoh planning my wonderful Charleston bachelorette party, Megan designing my entire invitation suite (more on that to come), Jillian and Kasia spending a fortune hosting my bridal shower in DC, and my sis Kate ending her Costa Rica vacation early to join Rohini, Megan and me for last-minute prep work, I couldn’t have dreamed of more gracious, generous bridesmaids. One of these days, I hope to return the favor, but until then, I knew I needed to step up the day-of bridesmaid gift bag game to attempt an appropriate thank you.

Just as I was more excited in the bridesmaid-dress selection process than I was my own, I started gathering the items for these gift bags long before I’d figured out most other wedding details. Thanking my friends was a huge priority of mine, so this wasn’t something I took lightly. I’m also fully aware that I’m a little crazy, so for anyone who doesn’t have time to agonize over the contents of their own bridesmaid gift bags, I hope these suggestions come in handy. If I can help even one girl thank her best friends, I’ll have done my job. After all, women outlive men, so us girls really need to stick together. Here’s how I thanked the ones I plan to grow old and grey with.Bridesmaid Gift Bags DIY 
1. Hello Pretty tote bag – This tote bag by Plum Pretty Sugar was the purchase that started it all. Not only is it simple and darling, but at 10 bucks a piece, such a no-brainer.
2. White tank top – Pajamas are my favorite type of clothing, so a getting-ready robe and PJ ensemble seemed mandatory. I wanted to take care of everything, so I picked up these simple tank tops from Gap to help them complete their looks. Plus, white tank tops are such a staple that I felt good knowing these would probably get a lot of use. 
3. Sleep shorts – When I came across blue floral sleep shorts at Target, I knew I had to have them. Almost everything else I bought fell in the blush/pink category, so the blue shorts with their pink floral accents helped add some much needed interest and color. Sadly, that exact style is discontinued, but these similar solid coral ones are a decent substitute. 

4. Silver sequin hangers – Nice hangers have quickly become a wedding-photo necessity (see above). There are lot of ways to go, with the bended-wire-name style at the top of the leader board, but sequins are much more my speed. I DIYed them using this guide (minus the wire), but you can easily purchase them on Etsy if you’d rather leave it to the professionals. I kinda wish I had because the drying time made it more time-consuming than I’d expected. 

080815BYW90{Jillian rocking her robe}

5. Soft robes – These robes were the best part of the whole bag. They were perfectly soft, light, and just the right color. Completely discontinued now, they were at the end of their availability when I first noticed them. I visited every Target in the DC and metro-Atlanta area to get 7 of these in the right sizes (6 for them and 1 for me). Similar Gilligan & O’Malley for Target robes here
6. Voluspa candles – These candles (I purchased 2 conveniently packaged 3-packs) were the last thing I bought to complete the gift bags. Since everything else I got was a little self-serving (matching jewelry for the day-of that I picked out, hangers for my pictures), I wanted to add something that had no other motive than to give them something to enjoy. Since everyone loves a good candle, it was just what the bags were missing. 
7. Personalized handkerchiefs – I had no doubt in my mind that I would be a blubbering mess walking down the aisle and at the altar, so I ordered hankies for myself and each of the bridesmaids from Sherri of SheriAngelCreations on Etsy (I had a custom “for happy tears” hankie made for myself). Personalized gifts are always a nice touch and these served as my feel-free-to-join-me-crying signal so I wouldn’t be the only emotional idiot up there. 

8. Earrings and bracelets – I toyed with letting each bridesmaid wear their own choice of jewelry, but since they all picked their own dresses, I ultimately decided that keeping them to the same accessories would give things a sense of uniformity. The blush colored silver-toned Charter Club brand earrings and bracelets at Macy’s were exactly what I was looking for, but are no longer available. A similar, but pricier option on Etsy here
9. Thank you cards – These aren’t the exact cards I used, but you get the gist. The personalized thank you note is a must. I’m a procrastinator and struggle anytime I try to write anything meaningful or heartfelt, so I wrote my cards in a hurry the morning of. I don’t recommend that. 

080815BYW293{One of my favorite pictures of all time – minus the flowers. I wasn’t a fan.}

Saying thank you is hard, but I can at least say that I made a good effort. If only Brian and I could say the same for our thank-you card progress. Woops. Many more thank yous to come. But for now – a great big thank you to my bridesmaids. You’re the best friends that dreams are made of. I’m so lucky to call you mine. xoxo. 

P.S. My will-you-be-my-bridesmaid boxes here

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  1. Teesa says:

    this was all so wonderful to read through!! again, so much thought put into every detail. i especially loved the earrings and bracelets you picked out.

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