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DIY Cardboard Box Coasters
Back in October, Brian penned a special post for his deliciously refreshing Jasmine Green Tea Lime Coolers. Today, we have yet another special guest post from Brian – this time in the DIY genre. Take it away Future Mr. Weiss-Yang:

“Hey kiddos! I know what you’ve been thinking: This froo-froo site really needs an injection of manliness. And since it’s spring you’re also probably looking for some fun household projects. Oh, and since it’s getting warmer out, you’re definitely looking for a place to put your nice cold beverages.

Enter: The Cardboard Box Coaster Set. 

As difficult as these look to make, high style doesn’t have to come with a hefty level of effort, people. I’m going to show you how to make these beauties in just 5 simple steps and you’ll be impressing your friends in no time with these swanky catchers of cup sweat.


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Hello-Kitty-iPhone-WallpaperAnyone who knows me, knows I’m unabashedly obsessed with Hello Kitty. So much so that the very first thing I did after getting my new iPhone was to search for Hello Kitty phone backgrounds. True story. Unfortunately, any excitement I had was quickly deflated when I saw the mostly pink, mostly tacky choices. Sure, I’m a huge Sanrio fanatic, but I’m also a grown woman (most of the time) and that doesn’t mean I’ll settle for just anything. So, not liking my options, I borrowed from other images and created my own set of mostly white, minimalistic lock screen and home screen images. You know, classy stuff. If you love Hello Kitty like I do, feel free to click the links and download them for your own use. It would make me so happy to know I helped other fans of Kitty White (her given name) incorporate a little more of her into their lives. I’m all about sharing the love. 

Happy Friday! 

P.S. Food posts to come next week when I’m no longer on my all-juice diet. Thanks for understanding. 

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