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Fortune Finds88
I hope this Tuesday finds you well here. Here’s some of what’s been on my mind these days. 

1. In case there was any doubt, Michelle Obama wins for coolest First Lady ever. And gosh how I love that Uptown Funk.(YouTube)
2. Job hunting is pretty horrible and I’m very relieved to not have to do it for a while. For those of you who haven’t quite found the right opportunity just yet, here are 5 websites worth checking out. (The Everygirl)
3. A plug for my new work! Plenty of great job, promotion and general girl-power goodness to check out. (Womenetics)
4. This seems like such a weird thing to say, but one of the biggest adjustments I’m making in the new job is figuring out email. I feel like such an old fart saying that, but it’s true. Bloomberg has its own system, so now I have to get reacquainted with Microsoft Outlook. These tips are a big help with the learning curve. (Lifehacker)
5. Before I can move to Atlanta I need to sell some of my furniture on Craigslist. So fun, right? Not at all, but these pro tips on how to buy and sell make me feel a little better about the whole thing. (Apartment Therapy)
6. 12 Food Styling Secrets to Learn from the Pros. Taking a bite out of your food is my favorite of the tips. I’ve got that one down. (Domaine Home)
7. This is great. Click on any part of the model’s body and the handy dandy Exercise Finder generates the best exercises for each target area. (Divine)
8. New job, new wardrobe? I’d sure like to try. I’m such a sucker for peter-pan collars and anything in nude. This top is a winner. (Ann Taylor)

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Fortune Finds 88
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s what piquing my interest as of late.

1. Science-Backed Signs You’re Smarter than Average. I checked off 6 of the 9 so I’m feeling pretty good about myself. (Business Insider)
2. 10 Books Every Aspiring Blogger Should Read. (The Nectar Collective)
3. Sugar Paper recently came out with the “Perfect Binder.” The title is well deserved. (Sugar Paper)
4. Rohini, aka #romoh (Rohini Maid of Honor), picked out her shoes for the occasion! Aren’t they absolutely darling? I think they’ll go perfectly with her dress. (Zappos)
5. Major house envy for this beautiful and charming San Diego home. (A House in the Hills)
6. Proof cupcakes will forever be in. (Huffington Post)
7. One of the problem areas I most need to work on is the often overlooked back. I plan on giving these no-equipment-needed back exercises a try. (Fitness)
8. I’ve always wondered what’s popular with men on Pinterest. Here’s a look at the other half’s favorite pins. (Pinterest)

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Fortune Finds87
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Mine is already looking much better than my Monday (a sleepless night and early morning flight = no blog post yesterday), so I’m happy. Here are some of the things piquing my curiosity on this chilly morning. Stay warm out there!

1. Better sleep has long been on my list of priorities, but no matter how early I tell myself I’ll go to bed, I never stick to it. Never. With that said, these tips are worth trying. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)
2. A simple guide on how to dress for special occasions. I wish I had more such occasions to dress for. Actually, no, that’s a lie. I’m perfectly in my PJs, thanks. (Lauren Conrad)
3. A beach vacation sounds so lovely and necessary right now. Here’s a roundup of some of the best places to swim in the whole wide world. Major climate envy. (Huffington Post)
4. I can’t wait to trade my boots in for nice new flats like these. (Madewell)
5. I love my blogs, but I’m fully aware that they’re not always the best representations of real life. Surely, not everyone is so happy, always shopping or photogenic. So when a blogger like Grace opens up and shares about her big career change and her struggle keeping up her blog and appearances, it really resonated with me. It’s something all us busy ladies can appreciate, blog or no blog. (The Stripe)
6. Cartoon characters and the well-known actors who voice them. (Distractify)
7. So I’m thinking about a funfetti cake for our wedding (pink and red sprinkles only with raspberry buttercream in the middle), thoughts? This list of funfetti wonders has me thinking I’m on the right course. (Community Table)
8. Now that we’re less than 6 months from the big day, I’m on a crusade against blemishes, wrinkles and whatever else constitutes as bad skin, starting with black heads. (Refinery29)

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Fortune Finds86
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. I’m a little under the weather myself which would be fine under any other time-off-from-work situation, but because Brian is currently undergoing foot surgery and I’m supposed to be the one taking care of him, the timing isn’t so great. Thankfully, Brian shouldn’t be a high-maintenance patient, or so we expect… Anyway, here are some of the things keeping me distracted on this big day. 

1. The best foods for your abs. I need all the help I can get. (Redbook)
2. Since I knew I’d have quite a few hours to kill in the waiting room, I sought out a fun read to distract me from the joys of being in a hospital. Amy Poehler’s Yes Please was an easy choice to make. (Amazon)
3. My latest Instagram follow. Pictures of adorable toddlers recreating Hollywood moments. (Toddlewood)
4. I love this wedding binder. I’m too far along in the process to switch to something new (I’m using a much less flashy plain white binder), but had to share this for anyone starting a binder of their own soon. (J.Crew)
5. Some of Pinterest’s most pinned recipes all in one place. (Food)
6. “Mansplaining” explained. Am I right, ladies? (Business Insider)
7. Brian and I watched Boyhood last night. He hated it (long and had problems with the ending), I have mixed feelings. Have you seen it? What did you think? I’ve now seen four of the eight Best Picture Nominees. Since there’s not much time left between now and Sunday’s Oscars, BuzzFeed has a quiz to help you pick what to see next. I got The Grand Budapest Hotel. (BuzzFeed)
8. How to get the most out of your blowout with four days’ worth of tips. I can only ever make it for two. (Elle)

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Fortune Finds85
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. Grace explores the grey area between copying and credit. (Design*Sponge)
2. It’s only Tuesday and the week is already dragging. If you need a pic-me-up like I do, this list of 20 Signs You’re Doing Better Than You Think is a good one. (Thought Catalog)
3. I didn’t love Magic Mike, but I’m very excited for the sequel. A great trailer and even greater dance moves set to Ginuwine’s Pony will do that to a girl. (YouTube)
4. Along the same lines – Best Dance Movies of All Time. (Refinery29)
5. The apparel portion of today’s post – fun patterned workout bottoms that won’t break the bank. (Old Navy)
6. I’m in desperate need of new shoes. I haven’t joined the Orsay flat trend yet, but am considering the leap after spotting these beauties. (LOFT)
7. I’ve gushed over Chloe’s home-reno-DIY skills before, but her custom built-in bookcases take the cake. (Little House Big City)
8. Speaking of cake, I have a birthday coming up. Gulp. I’m not turning 30 yet, but here’s a nice list of recipes you should master by then. And if you’re already over 30, better late than never. (Domaine Home)

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Fortune Finds84
I hope this Tuesday finds you well and that you’re in a clicking mood. 

1. Rain boots that are both water-resistant and office friendly. (Refinery29)
2. The Sorry State of In-Flight Wi-Fi. This explains quite a lot. Read it all the way through for the part where Louis C.K. keeps things in perspective as he often does. (New York Times)
3. Guide to freezer-friendly foods. (Food52)
4. Valentine’s Day is best celebrated with a home-cooked dinner, preferably one heavy on pasta. If you’re in need of ideas, Martha Stewart’s got you covered with plenty of quick and easy ones. Less time in the kitchen means more time for loving. (Martha Stewart)
5. Clever Valentines for your best frenemies. Read the fine print. (Wedding Chicks)
6. The BEST Lip Sync Battle yet. Will Ferrell (love him) is the clear winner, but Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart were formidable opponents. (YouTube)
7. Fun February desktop downloads if you’re looking for a change of scenery. (Oh So Beautiful Paper)
8. How to make the most of your fitness tracker. (The Chalkboard)

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