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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Wishing you good health, good fortune and happiness in the Year of the Horse. 

I’m back in Colorado for the occasion, and am very much looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend of movies with Dad and cooking with Mom. Expect to see a whole lot of Chinese recipes in the weeks to come. 

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Happy New Year

Happy 2014! I hope you rang in the New Year in style, because I certainly didn’t. I spent mine with my parents and their friends, something I hadn’t done in years. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but the house we were at had only Chinese television. I couldn’t even watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve! Can you imagine? I love my parents, but they’ll need to count me out of their plans next time. Sorry, guys.

Anyway, yesterday’s events are so last year, so let’s look ahead. To spare myself the embarrassment of listing all of the things I hope to do in the New Year, because let’s face it, I probably won’t make it to the gym 3 times a week (or at all), I’m sharing what I know I’ll actually accomplish. It’s a much better looking list this way.

In 2014, I will…

  • share a ton more recipes and pictures on this beloved blog of mine.
  • have straighter teeth thanks to Invisalign.
  • travel to Barcelona in just seven weeks (!!!) to visit with Erin and eat my weight in tapas.
  • make a mandatory springtime pilgrimage to beautiful New York, New York.
  • attend a Cleveland wedding in early May.
  • welcome my dear grandfather to DC, assuming he can get a visa.
  • graduate from business school on May 16th #hallefreakinglujah.
  • party with 13-year-olds in Chicago over Memorial-Day weekend at my first ever bat mitzvah.
  • cry my eyes out and dance my butt off at a friend’s DC wedding in early September.
  • take an epic cross-border west-coast road trip in late September that will start in San Francisco and end in Vancouver, with a stop in Seattle for another friend’s wedding. I love weddings. 
  • spend several weekends on our beloved Lake Anna.
  • celebrate Thanksgiving with my family in Colorado. No more of this working the day after Thanksgiving nonsense.
  • make sure I ring in the next New Year with Brian. I’m not missing out on that all-important midnight kiss again.

Only one day in, and 2014 is already shaping up to be a great year.

Wishing you the same! Back to DC I go. 

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Merry Christmas from Fortune Goodies

I hope you made out like a bandit with presents this morning and hope the rest of your day is a great one. Mine will involve time with family, lots of Chinese food, a trip to the movies, and the Spotify Christmas radio station on loop. 

I also want to say thank you for following this blog of mine. It really means a whole lot. 

Merry everything to you and yours!

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2012 Turkey
{Last year’s turkey prepared by my talented brother – Photo credit to him too}

Spending today away from my family has only made me more thankful and proud that I get to claim them as mine. You know how everyone says their parents are the best? Well, Ruilin Yang and Meng Su actually are. I could share all of the reasons why, but because I don’t want you to begin resenting yours, I’ll just leave it at that. My brother’s not so bad either.

Other things I’m thankful for:

+ My boyfriend. We’re each other’s biggest fans and favorite dance partners. 

+ My friends. Duh. The laughter and emoji conversations don’t happen on their own. Thanks to my dear ladyloves. You know who you are.

+ Loving memories of my Nainai. It’s been exactly one month since she passed away. Slowly but surely feelings of sadness are being crowded out by those of pride in her incredible legacy.

+ My job. We had an unfortunate round of layoffs last week, and there could be more on the horizon. In these uncertain times, I recognize how blessed I am to do what I do for a living alongside some really great people. 

+ School. As much as I take it for granted, I’m really thankful for the opportunity, and the wonderful tuition-reimbursement policy that makes it all possible. 

+ My metabolism. It’s certainly not what it used to be, but I recognize that I haven’t been easy on it either. So to my metabolism I’d like to say: Thanks for doing more than your fair share. You’ll be working overtime this weekend.

+ This blog. It may just be a silly time-consuming hobby of mine, but I do so appreciate you stopping by and joining me for the ride. Thank you!

On that note, I hope you have yourself the happiest of Thanksgivings. Rohini, Kate and I will be celebrating ours over a highly-anticipated meal at Farmers, Fishers, Bakers in Georgetown, followed by a screening of Catching Fire. Rohini and I caught the first Hunger Games movie at midnight, so tonight’s viewing a week past the release date is well overdue.

Happy Thanksgiving! Xoxo. 

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