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People Who Love to Eat Are Always the Best People
Sharing a quote for this week’s pick-me-up, because it speaks to me on so many levels. The most prominent one at the moment being that I myself so love to eat and am struggling a little with my own personal identity. It’s so unlike me to pass up carbs, you know? Anyway, on this Wednesday, I’m doing my best to stay within the Weight-Watchers coloring lines, especially as I try out a new restaurant with a new friend tonight. My week of points starts over on Fridays and you can bet I’ve already made plans for Shake Shack cheese fries and a Shackburger that night. Happy hump day!

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Ask yourself if what you're doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
Wise words at a time when it’s so easy to get lost in bridesmaid dresses. So. many. options. Today, I’m reminding myself that I need to stay focused on bigger picture things like getting motivated in fitness and career. I’m doing quite well on the first front (loving my new Jawbone Up band), but the second could use a boost. So today, I’m using this little diddy to set me on the right path. Happy hump day!

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I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding
For kicks, I googled the term “wedding stress” and the quote “I want a marriage more beautiful than my wedding” popped up as one of the search results. It struck a chord with me. It’s not that I’m stressed per se, but as we approach that seven-month mark just a few weeks away, I can’t help but freak out just a teeny tiny bit. After all, six isn’t far behind, and I still don’t have a dress, and we still haven’t booked our florist. Ah! See what I mean? While I’d like to think I’ve been a mostly level-headed, easy-going bride nowhere close to -zilla territory, it’s so very easy to get caught up in the small details. When that happens, I try to remind myself that I love Brian and the wedding is really just a bonus in the bigger, better, grand scheme of our hopeful happily ever after. That helps. 

Dose of perspective aside, I see no reason why the wedding shouldn’t be awesome, and I will do my darndest to make it happen. Happy hump day!

Image via Bunch Studio, text added by yours truly. 

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this is where i leave you
I thought I’d use today’s platform to share a passage from Jonathan Tropper’s This Is Where I Leave You. You might know the movie better (major disappointment), but the book is a true literary gem. It’s a thrill to read, brutally honest, laugh-out-loud funny, and manages to be both wildly inappropriate and heartbreakingly sentimental. I recommend it. 

The story centers around a dysfunctional Jewish family coming together for their father’s funeral, and this passage describing the Mourner’s Kaddish prayer (starting with “My siblings…” and ending with “…more than I expected”) really struck a chord with me. As you may already know, Brian and I are taking an Intro to Reform Judaism class with the intent that I will someday convert. As I struggle to pick up bits and pieces of guttural Hebrew, I couldn’t help but chuckle at Tropper’s use of the word “gibberish,” while also appreciating the importance of tradition and community that he so perfectly captured in but a few sentences. 

I’m not one to obsess or overanalyze the written word, in fact I have some pretty painful middle-school book reports to prove it, and yet I’ve found myself turning to that same passage several times in the last month. First, because my dear Nainai passed away this time last year, again when I wanted to comfort a friend who lost his own grandmother, and more recently when I needed something to point to when I was asked why I wanted to convert. What can I say? Tropper moved me. 

Jewish, soon-to-be-Jewish or not, I hope you’re able to find similar meaning and comfort from his expertly crafted words. 

P.S. Now that I’ve recommended a book, I’d love other suggestions if you want to return the favor. Thanks!

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Quit Slackin' & Make Shit Happen
This sums up the last week, although I wish I’d done a better job of making things happen, but isn’t that always the case?

Brian and I are now officially roommates in my tiny studio apartment (gulp!). We celebrated with a trip to IHOP last night, and are off to savor the last bits of summer with friends by the beach in Naples, Florida. I hope you all have similarly wonderful weekends. After all, the summer’s not over yet!

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Stressed is Desserts Spelled Backwards

That quote and this beautiful print by Rock the Custard are just the reminders I need to help put recent stresses into perspective. When I stop and think about it, I realized that as bogged down and overwhelmed as I might feel about planning a wedding, tying up loose ends for our vacation next month, and keeping up with this blog, they’re actually all really awesome and privileged problems to have. I’m truly one of the lucky ones. Sometimes all we need is a new and different outlook, and a pretty framed print about desserts can only help.

I’ll leave it at that. Please know that I’m well aware that I went one whole week without posting a recipe (for shame!), but have very serious plans to make things right on Monday. Until then, I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Brian and I are headed to Bethany Beach with friends. Nothing quite says wedding weight-loss wake-up call like forced public bikini wearing.

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