chillin’ in chitown


Not quite chillin’ over here in Chicago, but I am giving this blog a breather today to let myself catch up on some much needed rest following an eventful and exhausting two-days covering the protests outside the McDonald’s shareholders meeting. It was my first-ever travel work trip as “on-air talent” and I was very happy for the experience, but am even happier now that it’s behind me. 

Today, I’m off to see and capture some of Chicago’s best sites for a different story that I’m working on. Wish me luck. The rest of the weekend, I plan to party like a teenager (the best kind of partying there is) at Brian’s cousin’s bat mitzvah. I can’t wait to be reunited with his family and can’t wait to hit the dance floor. I hope you have similarly fun plans. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Teesa says:

    i was cleaning out my inbox of my personal gmail account (which is mostly update e-mails from this blog :)) and i can’t believe i missed this! you did a great job amidst the chaos, whew! i also showed this to my parents and they loved it.

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