diy cardboard box coasters


DIY Cardboard Box Coasters
Back in October, Brian penned a special post for his deliciously refreshing Jasmine Green Tea Lime Coolers. Today, we have yet another special guest post from Brian – this time in the DIY genre. Take it away Future Mr. Weiss-Yang:

“Hey kiddos! I know what you’ve been thinking: This froo-froo site really needs an injection of manliness. And since it’s spring you’re also probably looking for some fun household projects. Oh, and since it’s getting warmer out, you’re definitely looking for a place to put your nice cold beverages.

Enter: The Cardboard Box Coaster Set. 

As difficult as these look to make, high style doesn’t have to come with a hefty level of effort, people. I’m going to show you how to make these beauties in just 5 simple steps and you’ll be impressing your friends in no time with these swanky catchers of cup sweat.

How to - Cardboard Box Coasters
Step One: Get a cardboard box. I personally prefer plain brown but maybe you like a little pizzazz in your cardboard coasters! Sporty type? Try an old Nike shoe box. Really want coasters made out of that Dole banana box from the bottom of the Costco box bin? Then do you, bro… do you. The sky’s the limit, friends. (Try not to take the box from a bum though. Cuz that’s his house). You’ll also need an exacto knife (scissors work too), ruler or measuring tape, and it also helps to make your cuts over a cutting board. 

DIY Frugal Cardboard Box Coasters

Step Two: Pull off one side of the cardboard box and using an exacto knife, cut a four-inch slit in the cardboard. Be sure to measure this precisely.  

Making Cardboard Coasters
Step Three: Rotate box 90 degrees; make another four-inch incision. 

Step Four: Repeat Step Three. 

Step Five: Repeat Step Four. You can also save yourself a couple steps if you start with a clean four-inch corner. 

Making Easy Coasters from a Cardboard Box
Pull off your square and repeat the whole process a few more times until you get make as many coasters as your heart desires. Four and six are a good place to start.

DIY Easy Cardboard Box Coasters

Surprise! Sorta like a puzzle where you didn’t see it coming until you finished – you have a brand new cardboard box coaster set! Use these beauties to protect your finest furniture and impress your guests while you’re at it. You may want to have band aids available for them in the event of paper cuts, but sometimes fashion is worth a little pain. Amiright, my high-heeled sisters?

I hope you enjoyed this helpful DIY project – and you’re also having a terrific April Fools’ Day. If you actually make these you’re the real fool.”

Editor’s note: In need of coasters in his new apartment, Brian actually DID make these and has been using them for about three months. I’m a lucky girl to be with this Year-Round Fool.

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  1. jillian says:

    wow. i miss you both so much already.

  2. Wage says:

    hahaha Brian you are so stupid, miss you both already!

  3. Chloe says:

    Hahaha NICE JOB Brian! Very classy

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