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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s a look at some of the things currently on my mind. 

1. I’m shopping for a new purse and this simple brown one from J.Crew is speaking to me. The size looks just right, but it’s the tassel that’s selling me. (J.Crew)
2. A few weeks back, I cut my hair about 3-4 inches because the length was really bugging me. I told myself I’d style my hair a lot more, but the normal curling-wand thing is still a big chore. I’m currently toying with about 3 different birthday-gift options and The Beachwaver (it rotates the wand for you) could very well be the one I settle on. (Amazon)
3. Naomi of Love Taza recently shared all of her favorite lipstick colors, and they looked lovely. I am not at all a lipstick person. In fact, I insisted against it for my wedding. My two big reasons are (a) I don’t think I can pull it off, and (b) I have no idea where to start. And while I still much prefer a natural lip, this Beginner’s Guide to Wearing Lip Color would be a good place to start. (Daily Makeover)
4. Must-have winter skincare according to beauty editors. With the exception of two recommendations costing more than $160 (get real, ladies), the rest are affordable. I’m already a huge Aquaphor fan, and am most intrigued by the Acure Organics Argan Oil. (Glitter Guide)
5. Being on Weight Watchers means spiralizing everything in sight. This is a great roundup of some of the most inventive zoodle and spiral recipes out there. (Huffington Post)
6. Similarly, I need to add a healthy cookbook to my library, and The Skinny Taste Cookbook is a leading contender. (Amazon)
7. Brian and I have tried make-at-home meal subscription services like Blue Apron and Plated (we prefer the latter), but have since cancelled our memberships because we’re trying to both save money and be more resourceful at the store. Honestly, grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do, so it didn’t feel right outsourcing all the fun. Still, I always love seeing how the food-delivery market is changing and Joy shared a bunch of her favorite options here if you’re curious. (Oh Joy!)
8. And last but not least, my favorite Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb yet. Jimmy Fallon stops by Sesame Street to surprise some unsuspecting kids, and the video is up there with the cutest things I’ve ever seen. The boy at the 43-second mark looks a lot like Brian did at that age and I just can’t. (YouTube)

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