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Fortune Finds12

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. With school starting up again this week, I need this latest list of desires and distractions more than ever. 

1. A fantastic, creative wedding video idea that would make for a great thank you to wedding guests. (Vimeo)
2. Add this to my guilty-pleasure desire list: fun and ladylike temporary tattoos. (Amazon)
3. Infographic: How to Build the Perfect Burger (Thrillist)
4. Disney princesses as would-be magazine cover models (BuzzFeed)
5. The art of the understated manicure (Into the Gloss)
6. 26 ingenious ideas for your home (Design Sponge)
7. This dating app for salad lovers makes me both miss New York and roll my eyes. (Jezebel)
8. Summer’s unofficial end has come and gone, here’s a list of post-summer beauty fixes. (

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