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It’s only Tuesday and I’m already overwhelmed with everything I need to do for work and school this week. I hope you’re having a better one. And while I really have no time for distractions, here’s a list of them anyway ;). 

1. Congress is back in session (hooray?). Here are some interesting facts about the Capitol Building. (BuzzFeed)
2. Football season is back, much to my boyfriend’s delight. I will never understand the sport, but I definitely see the appeal to this great list of football food. (How Sweet It Is)
3. Bloomberg’s piece on the first “smartwatch” brought back suppressed feelings of childhood disappointment from all of my unanswered requests for a Baby G watch. (Bloomberg)
4. 11 Untranslatable words from other cultures. (Maptia Blog)
5. As I continue on this path of hopeful blogdom, I’m always looking for suggestions and how-tos. Here’s a good list of not-so-obvious blog tips. (Story of My Life)
6. 3 ways to decorate store-bought cupcakes, or any cupcakes really. (Oh Joy!)
7. I was more excited than anyone has any business being about salad tongs when I picked these up. Aren’t they gorgeous? I’m hoping they motivate me to eat more salad, and you know, fewer Doritos. (World Market)
8. 12 Things successful women do differently #girlpower. (Huffington Post)

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2 Responses to fortune finds

  1. Alecia says:

    I would be just as excited about those salad tongs also. They are soooo cute.

    xx Alecia with

    • Yang says:

      They really are! You know your priorities in life have changed when you care more about salad tongs than you do earrings or clothes. I’m not entirely sure it’s a positive development though. Is this what being old feels like?

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