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Fortune Finds17

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s my latest list of desires and distractions.

1. My new favorite nail polish color. (Amazon)
2. Domino is back! Less exciting are the 12-dollar price tags. (Domino)
3. How much should you be making? Never enough is my answer.(Refinery29)
4. Much to Brian and my best friend’s delight, football seems to be growing on me. I’ve been studying up with this here beginner’s guide to the game. (
5. The fine folks at SNL preview the next season of Girls(YouTube)
6. How to build a starter spice cabinet. (First We Feast)
7. I’m what you’d call a francophile. You can also call me the proud new owner of this merci sweater. (Piperlime)
8. And continuing with my french-wannabe love, I’m adding this book to my to-read list. (Amazon)

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