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Fortune Finds19

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s my latest list of desires and distractions.

1. I’m always looking for great chili recipes and here’s a nice big list of them. (Cooking Light)
2. I’ve never had luck with photo IDs. Here are 10 tips for a perfect one. (Refinery29)
3. Fun earrings to give you another pair of eyes. (Shopbop)
4. Going to New York this weekend and really liked this video New York by the Numbers(BuzzFeed)
5. This touching video of strangers in India and Pakistan becoming friends melted my heart. (Coca-Cola)
6. I love that loafers are in now, and I’m very much digging this pair of light-pink studded ones. (J.Crew)
7. How to Cook a Steak Indoors. (Deadspin)
8. Lusting after these classy gold bookends. (ZGallerie)

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