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Fortune Finds4

T-minus one day until I takeoff for China. I already have plenty of things to keep me distracted, but why not add more to the list? Here you go:

1. These almost crochet Toms are also almost half the price. 
2. My apartment is tiny and not very party friendly, but I would love to make pretty these pretty painted party cups
3. One of the things I’m most looking forward to on my trip is a visit to Hong Kong Disney. Here’s a list of useful tips to make your Disney trip that much better. 
4. How amazing does this panzanella look? Salad made with bread is my kind of salad. 
5. I’ve been craving hot dogs lately. I want to try each one of these regional hot-dog styles.
6. As someone who commits the writer’s faux pas that is passive voice all too often. I’m happy to see the English language is changing for folks like me. Get pumped. 
7. I can’t touch my toes. These flexibility tips should help with that. 
8. I’m still a real dodo when it comes to real photography. This very basic guide is also very helpful. 

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