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Fortune Finds25

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s a list of some of my latest desires and distractions.

1. 2013’s Most popular baby names. I’m pleased to say the ones I have in mind for my future children aren’t currently trending. (USA Today)
2. Fox is the new owl. The proof is in these adorable foxy tights. (Anthropologie)
3. Geek out with this video on the chemistry of cookies. (Digg)
4. December is about many great things, one of which is the art of the retrospective mashup. Daniel Kim’s 2013 Pop Danthology is one you’ll want to play on repeat. (YouTube)
5. Game nights figure very prominently in my fantasies about life in the suburbs. Now these reindeer games invitations will too. (Oh Happy Day)
6. I could use a new puffer vest, and I could really see myself in this one. Santa? (J. Crew)
7. United States of Pop 2013, the latest DJ Earworm mashup. It’s not as good as his 2009 masterpiece, but it’s up there. (YouTube)
8. The Man Repeller’s 15 Things Every Woman Should Have. (Harper’s Bazaar)

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