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Fortune Finds26

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s a list of some of my latest desires and distractions.

1. 2013’s best books according to the New York Times Book Review. I really do need to read more. (New York Times)
2. Remember the matcha green tea sugar cookies I made for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap? You can now see all of the participating cookie recipes in one place in this roundup. (The Little Kitchen)
3. I’ve been looking for a pair of slippers. These ones with their leopard-print faux-fur trim are close to perfection. (DSW)
4. I desperately need a jewelry box. This one with its fox clasp and white lacquer is the one I want. (C. Wonder)
5. Forget gift-giving. Try GIF-giving! (Vanity Fair)
6. The Flavor Bible sounds very much like something I would need. Please someone help me add it to my culinary library. (Amazon)
7. Holiday party tips from the great Giada Delaurentiis. I especially like tip 8: Keep non-drinkers in mind. (Refinery29)
8. DIY confetti poppers perfect for ringing in the New Year. (Weddingbells)

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2 Responses to fortune finds

  1. Teesa says:

    i love checking out the nytimes book lists! have you read any of jhumpa lahiri’s books? i just finished “the lowland” (which is on the list) and it was super disappointing. thanks to that list though, i’m now reading “wave” and it is heartbreakingly great.

    i love that your recipes are featured on other sites.

    that GIF-giving site was great!

    • Yang says:

      Teesa, my dear – I haven’t ready of the Jhumpa Lahiri’s books. I should be ashamed, I know. I am. I have such a long list of books I plan on getting through while I’m at home. I’m going to hit you up for recommendations when I see you (so very soon!). xoxo.

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