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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s the Christmas-Eve edition of my weekly list of desires and distractions. Ho ho ho.

1. An oh-my-god moment from Home Alone that helps explain how Kevin’s parents could forget to bring him on vacation. This realization doesn’t absolve Mr. and Mrs. McAllister from being rotten parents, but it certainly makes more sense of things. (Business Insider)
2. Joy is my hero and I eat up her every word when she puts on her professor cap to share her wisdom. Her latest Baking 101 post is no exception. (Joy the Baker)
3. Breathtaking images captured in the 2013 Reuters Photos of the Year. That Running of the Bulls picture. Ouch. (Fubiz)
4. Keeping on the photography train, here’s a roundup of better-picture tutorials, including a good one on how to take pictures in the snow. (Cool Mom Tech)
5. I so hope to find this “Love” ring under the tree tomorrow. Too bad I know better and know Santa/Mom/Dad are giving me the gift of orthodontia. Hooray for Invisalign! (Sydney Evan)
6. If Buddy the Elf Had Facebook. I’d def be liking every one of his pictures and status updates. (BuzzFeed)
7. This time every year, I start loading up on workout gear, and I’m really digging the stuff at Target now. Let’s hope the thought of working out still sounds appealing come February. (Target)
8. And the topic of exercise segues very naturally to french fries with cheese curds and gravy. I gasped when I found out my beloved French-Canadian delicacy of poutine is now available at Trader Joe’s. I’m sure it’s no where close to the real deal, but I’m excited nonetheless. (Serious Eats)

That’s it for today. I’m going to go enjoy time with my family. I hope you do the same. Happy Christmas Eve! 

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