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I hope this first Tuesday of 2014 finds you well. Here are some of my current desires and distractions.

1. I’ll be hosting book club in a couple of weeks and will be applying what I’ve learned from this helpful How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate video. (PureWow)
2. I can already tell that most, if not all of my winter exercising will be happening in my apartment. Thank goodness for this roundup of at-home workout YouTube channels. (The Glitter Guide)
3. “Just because you watched a YouTube video about it doesn’t mean you know how to do it” and other New Year’s Resolutions We Learned to Make from TV. (Vanity Fair)
4. My dream fridge. It’s so beautiful, it hurts. (West Elm)
5. Just discovered the book Crazy Rich Asians. With its gold glitter and hot-pink “ASIANS” text in capital letters, no book cover has spoken to me more. (Amazon)
6. Anxiously waiting for the UPS guy to deliver these leopard-print jeans. Please, please fit me. (Kate Spade)
7. A modern-day list of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. (Thought Catalog)
8. I’ve been obsessing over travel-related things as I prepare for my trip to Barcelona. This beautiful jewelry organizer is on my I-wish list. (Graphic Image)

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  1. Teesa says:

    let me know how those youtube exercise videos are! i’m looking to try something new.
    those fridges are too cute! i imagine you having one in the future stocked with all your yummy foods.
    that modern how to lose your guy in 10 days list is too good :)

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