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Fortune Finds31

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. This Hollywood dance mashup will put a smile on your face and an extra spring in your step. (YouTube)
2. “Work to become, not to acquire.” Just one of 50 motivational career quotes. (StyleCaster)
3. I can think of about a hundred better ways to spend 28 dollars, but if I had to spend it on lip gloss, I’d get this gorgeously packaged one by Aerin Lauder. (Neiman Marcus)
4. A How to De-Stem Kale video for recent kale converts such as myself. (The Faux Martha)
5. The story of how 10 everyday colors got their names. (Mental Floss)
6. 40 fascinating maps that explain the world. I especially like the one that shows what goes into Nutella. (Washington Post)
7. Losing earrings seems to be a hobby of mine, one that I’d like to retire with the help of a long overdue jewelry box. I’m loving these dainty, clear and gold ones. (West Elm)
8. Because I don’t drink coffee, alcohol or soda, I’ve let myself develop an unhealthy attachment to juice. Emphasis on unhealthy. Here’s a quick read on why you should eat fruit, not drink it. (Refinery29)

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