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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Right about now, Brian and I are doing everything we can to savor our last full day in Barcelona. Pictures to come tomorrow. In the meantime, here are some of my latest desires and distractions.

1. ‘Old Black People That Look Younger Than Lorde’ is a thing now. Take note of the web address.
2. In high school, I had a folder on my desktop with nothing but Christian Bale pictures. These days, I have this video montage of his illustrious career saved in my bookmarks. (Purple Clover)
3. I generally stand in the ignorance-is-bliss camp, but here are 7 food chemicals you should know about. TBHQ? If it’s not a spinoff of TCBY, then I’m not interested. (CNN).
4. I’m not from the South, but this gold foil “Hey Y’all” print makes me wish I was. (Etsy)
5. I turn 26 tomorrow. Gulp. I doubt that most of the experiences on this writer’s list will apply to me, but I do hope that becoming more financially responsible does. (Thought Catalog)
6. I can’t help but feel a little down that I’m another year older. Looking back, 25’s list of accomplishments isn’t as long as I would have liked, but this list of successful people who didn’t hit it big until later in life (shared it once before), gives me hope that the best is yet to come. (BuzzFeed)
7. New age, new habits to break, and Victoria’s list mirrors my own. I’ve decided that the best anti-wrinkle treatment is more water and more sleep. (VMac+Cheese)
8. Add cutting back on social media to my list of things to work on. Luckily, I’ve already been able to minimize my time on Facebook. Instagram though? Not so much. (The Every Girl)

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4 Responses to fortune finds

  1. Thanks so much for including our Hey Y’all print in your round up! You have such a fun site! I love your adorable logo! :)

    • Yang says:

      You’re too sweet. It must be that southern charm they say so much good stuff about. Thank YOU for creating such a fun post. It’s on my wish list.

  2. Teesa says:

    oh christian bale! have you watched anything that he’s been in lately?

    and you are wayyyyyyy accomplished for your (now) 26 years of age!! i think i’d put meeting the president and first lady somewhere near the top 😉

    • Yang says:

      I haven’t seen him in anything since we watched American Hustle together. He didn’t look his best there.

      And thanks for the pep talk. I can always count on you for that.

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