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Fortune Finds5

This week’s installment for Fortune Finds strikes a good balance of East and West, kinda like Hong Kong. Without further ado, here are a few things tickling my fancy:

1. My top priority at the moment is finding a Hello Kitty iPhone case. I’ve always wanted one, but could never get away with it in DC. My plan now is to find one, let my freak flag fly and make the most of it these next few weeks. 
2. S’mores snickerdoodles perfect for summer gatherings. 
3. Feeling majorly homesick after seeing these pictures of the Washington Monument’s new look. 
4. I am who I am thanks to Seinfeld. 
5. I know nothing about yoga, but really want to get into it. This guide helps make some sense of it all. 
6. Recipes to help me take my current bubble-tea addiction back home. 
7. This documentary on online “privacy” looks both outstanding and frightening. 
8. Looking forward to my trip to Hunan next week. How awesome do these mountains look? 

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