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Fortune Finds48
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. What does it really mean to have dyslexia? A fascinating explainer. (Upworthy)
2. I honestly don’t remember what Garden State was about, but I do love this trailer for Zach Braff’s latest movie Wish I Was Here. I think it’s time I rewatch his directorial debut. (YouTube)
3. 5 Reasons why Americans feel poor. I can name about 20, but this list is a good start. (MarketWatch)
4. Desperate times, desperate measures. 20 Flattering one-piece swimsuits. (InStyle)
5. Picked up this simple-yet-sleek dress the other day and I love it. (LOFT)
6. I’m a big Trader Joe’s fan, but have yet to try a majority of the items on their list of 2013 Top 25 customer favorites. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. (Trader Joe’s)
7. Get your follow on. Time’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2014. (Time)
8. In desperate need of new summer shoes and I have my eye set on these. (Madewell)

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