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Fortune Finds6

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s a list of things currently tickling my fancy. 

1. The Backstreet Boys, my forever favorite band, have gifted me with a new song
2. I am already dreading the major jetlag I’m sure to have when I return. I’m hoping this guide will help me with my travel hangover. 
3. My visit to a Chinese Dunkin’ Donuts yesterday was a real eye-opener. Here’s a roundup of some of DD’s most unique offerings from around the world. 
4. Exciting yet alcohol-free (kinda like me) drinks for summer. 
5. Shortly after I return from China, the boyfriend is taking me to his beloved Cleveland. I’m looking forward to crossing off some of the sights from this NYT 36 Hours list
6. I am not a morning person, but these tips are worth a try. 
7. Royal Baby Mania! Sign the online card to the Duke and Duchess. 
8. Lightweight Gap tanks like this one have been the MVP of my trip to China. 

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