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Fortune Finds51
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. It’s time I branch out from my boring gold stud earrings. I really love this pair. (BaubleBar)
2. It’s also high time I make some updates to my apartment. I’ve lived in the same studio for four years now and the place looks just as it did after I first settled in. Alaina’s apartment is an inspiration. (The Everygirl)
3. After a lovely two days in Dresden, we’re now off to Prague where we’ll have but a handful of hours to do any sightseeing, because duty calls. Still, I’ll try to make the most of my time there with one of these handy dandy guides to hit up all of the must-see spots in half a day. (TripAdvisor)
4. One of the big goals I have for myself this summer is to take my blogging more seriously. I love this little hobby of mine, but know I have a lot of improving to do. Brian, the supportive boyfriend that he is, knows this too and gifted me A Beautiful Mess’s Blog Life class. Isn’t he great? I can’t wait to finally get learning after I return from Europe. (A Beautiful Mess)
5. I love everything about this outfit, especially the striped tank. (Banana Republic)
6. My new and now forever-favorite Pinterest board. Hint: Hello Kitty. (Pinterest)
7. 20 Children’s Names of the Future Based on Today’s Pop Culture. I really hope not, but I do approve of Niall. (BuzzFeed)
8. And lastly, I’ve missed Brian a whole heck of a lot on this trip, so when I discovered the Couple app with its syncing schedules and digital “thumb kisses,” I missed him even more. Brian would never participate in such an invasion of his manly dignity, which is probably for the better. (Style Me Pretty)

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