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Fortune Finds53
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions.

1. My weekend in New York was great fun, but I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I should have. Luckily, Supal was just in the city herself and took more than enough for the both of us. Plus, she’s way better with a camera, and I’d rather see her pictures anyway. (chevrons & éclairs)
2. So, I might need to throw on a bathing suit this weekend. Ugh. It’s too little too late to do something about my physique, but these last-minute bikini body tips are worth trying. I need all the help I can get. (Elle)
3. Stawberry season is alive and well. Here are some great strawberry drink ideas, alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike. (Shari’s Berries)
4. LOFT is having a great tank top sale. I picked up a few 6-dollar ones the other day. I recommend you do the same. (LOFT)
5. I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I always thought I’d want a baby first, then a dog a few years later. This adorable list of babies and puppies living side-by-side harmoniously has me rethinking my plan. (LOL Happy Face)
6. I bought these open-toed slip-on sandals a few weeks back, and I love them. I’m considering a second pair for when I wear my current pair to the ground. (DSW)
7. Must watch video: If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say. I can relate. (BuzzFeed)
8. And while I won’t be spending my 4th in DC this year (Lake Anna, here we come!), District Style shared some great suggestions on where to eat for those of you who are. (District Style)

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2 Responses to fortune finds

  1. Aw thank you so much, Yang! Honestly, I have a trillion more photos… will be sharing them on c&é at random moments. I would have had to do a 10 part series. Uh that BuzzFeed article is basically my life too. #IndianPride

  2. Teesa says:

    omggg, that babies and puppies list is toooooooo cute! i was trying to memorize the numbers of the ones i liked best, but gave up.

    that buzzfeed video is hilariously accurate.

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