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Fortune Finds55
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. These days, it seems I’ve been spending all of my money on plane tickets, which is both exciting and depressing. To help cushion the blow, I’ve found these airfare-booking tips to be quite helpful. (Huffington Post)
2. I’ve always loved Josh Groban, and now I love him even more. Check out this adorable video called “Josh Groban Pizza.” As you know, pizza’s another one of my favorite things. (YouTube)
3. I’m not really into the whole Birkenstock look because my feet are flat and weird looking as it is, but somehow I think even I can pull of this pair of simple, masculine-looking sandals. (Shopbop)
4. What Do Your Nails Say About You? I’m a “mild-tempered romanticist.”  (The Fashion Spot)
5. Love this idea for handmade DIY confetti throwers. Now I just need an occasion for them. Party anyone? (Oh Happy Day)
6. You know the New York Times’  “36 Hours” Series? These 12-hour city guides do them one better. It’s a great resource for day trips, which seem to be all I have time for these days. (12hrs)
7. In search of an everyday canvas tote and really like the look of this grey one. (LOFT)
8. Shirtless soccer players aren’t really my thing, but I’m all for equal-opportunity objectification. Girl power. (Sports Illustrated)

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  1. Teesa says:

    ohhhh those world cup men. this list was also a favorite of mine:

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