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Fortune Finds57
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions. 

1. My mom taught me to never show up at someone’s home emptyhanded. A rule that she loves and my dad hates. I’m often at a loss for what to bring, but problem solved with these great summer hostess gift ideas. (The Glitter Guide)
2. I recently discovered my coworker Chloe’s blog Little House Big City, full of great home-renovation, interior-decorating stuff. I have major house envy. Headboard envy too. Check out her awesome DIY West Elm knockoff headboard. So impressed. (Little House Big City)
3. I’ve been obsessed with pineapples ever since I picked up these earrings. Have you ever checked out Zara Home? I love everything there, especially these pretty pineapple towels. (Zara Home)
4. I love seeing all the colorized old photos popping up around the internet. These ones are particularly great. (Inspire52)
5. Travel tips that claim to be life-changing. I really hope #35 is true, but I’m skeptical. I’ll have to give it a try. Plus, check out my travel essentials if you haven’t  already. (Distractify)
6. I’ve never owned a charm bracelet or necklace, because the chunkiness never appealed to me. J.Crew’s new Jennifer Fisher line of dainty gold charms has me rethinking my stance. (J.Crew)
7. I’m a huge Sex and the City fan. Huge. And I loved every moment of this genius video compilation of every brand ever mentioned in the show, in alphabetical order no less. “Bed Bath and Freaking Beyond.” (Who What Wear)
8. Raise your hand if you’re a big sweater. Actually, don’t. This time of year doesn’t really agree with me either. Here are some useful tips to keep perspiration to a minimum. (Bustle)

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