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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. My week is already off to a better start because I managed to publish two posts at their usual times. Small victories. I hope your week is going even better. Here are my latest desires and distractions. 

1. We’re barely halfway through 2014 and I’m already thinking about next year. I blame this beautiful planner. (Kate Spade)
2. My apartment is in such a sorry state. I’ve been using the excuse of being away every weekend to avoid giving it and everything in it a deep clean, but I can’t put it off any longer. This guide has everything you need to know on how to clean everything. (POPSUGAR)
3. This video of a little girl and her love for her little brother went viral last week. It’s quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, but then again I’m biased. The older-sister-little-brother thing is all I know. (Total Sorority Move)
4. You can file this Tumblr under Fun, but Silly. Warning: the drawings are mostly of you-know-whats. (Running Drawing)
5. I don’t care what they say, Coconut water is still my favorite. But, I suppose if the health benefits are a bit overstated, then lower prices shouldn’t be far off. I’d be ok with that. (New York Times)
6. I’ve been loyal to Essie nail polish for quite some time now, but recently discovered the L’Oreal Colour Riche line and have to say I like it a lot better. The brush is thicker and more square making the polish much easier to apply. The cheaper price tag helps too. (Soap)
7. Mini disco-ball place cards to get your next dinner party in a dancing mood. (Oh So Beautiful Paper)
8. My friend Megan left me her copy of The Rosie Project and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. Plus, it’s been nice flipping through pages of an actual book. E-books are still my format of choice though, and I’m considering giving Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited a try. I’m a sucker for subscription services, so why stop now? (Amazon)

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