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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are my latest desires and distractions.

1. Quiz: Can You Match the Emoji with its True Meaning? I’m embarrassed to say I got most of them wrong. (BuzzFeed)
2. Brian and I have started putting our wedding registries together. They’re all set to private, so don’t even bother looking. There’s also not much to them just yet, because I’m just so overwhelmed by all of the great options. The one category of item that I have settled on however is Jewish stuff. So much of it is old-fashioned and not my style that picking out the few nice items has been really easy. I love this menorah. (West Elm)
3. I’ve never gotten a spa facial. Is that sad? Well the thought of paying more than 100 dollars for a glorified face wash is sad to me, but I’m aware that there really are some great skin benefits. Still, that doesn’t mean I’ll let myself get suckered into paying the ticket price. Instead, I hope to give this at-home facial a try. (The Beauty Department)
4. Oh how I love this sweater! The playful, embellished ice cream cone is a perfect nod to the not so distant summertime. (Kohl’s)
5. When our friends had us over for dinner, their adorable little house was full of Halloween-themed knick knacks. Seasonal decorations are a luxury that I just can’t quite make room for in my current setup, but I can’t wait to one day live in a house where I can whip out items like these every October. How great is that Z Gallerie skull plate? (The Glitter Guide)
6. The stresses of being U.S. President come with certain beauty pitfalls like accelerated greying and wrinkling. We all know the last few years haven’t been friendly to President Obama, but the same can be said of many of his predecessors. Note to self: don’t ever become President. Not worth the wrinkles. (Bored Panda)
7. Get this: a biodegradable urn that will eventually turn your ashes into a tree. I love this. Did you know the Chinese were early adopters of tree burials? I know we’re not exactly known for being eco-friendly, but tree burials are a funeral custom that dates back to the time of Confucius. I think it’s a beautiful thing. (True Activist)
8. And finally, the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap is back in action! I participated for the first time last year (I made my beloved Matcha Green Tea Sugar Cookies for the occasion), and will definitely be signing up again. It’s for a great cause, and if you do any sort of food blogging, I recommend that you join in on the fun. (The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap)

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