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Fortune Finds 69

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my latest desires and distractions.

1. I love Halloween, but it’s been years since I last got dressed in costume. I blame living in a city. For me, it’s always been about the kids and trick-or-treaters, not about the gratuitous sexy costumes. With that said, I’m still brainstorming ideas for when Brian and I own a home, and picked up a good tip (regular wardrobe ones too) from costume designer Catherine Martin of Moulin Rouge fame. I LOVE that movie). (Elle)
2. I love any and all make-your-own food bars, and really enjoyed Emily’s take on a low-key Halloween night in with friends. (Cupcakes and Cashmere) 
3. Monica’s latest Bean Boots post, had me checking out the LL Bean site. I’m in need of a new light autumn jacket and really like the look of this one. Thoughts? (LL Bean)
4. I love Mark Bittman and have every intention of getting my hands on a copy of his newest book How to Cook Everything Fast. Here are 4 great tips from the man himself. (Bon Appetit)
5. I don’t really need anyone to tell me how to incorporate more leopard-print into my life, because I do a pretty bang-up job as it is, but for those of you who could use a little more inspiration, this is a good guide. (Glitter Guide)
6. My current luggage game is pretty top notch (check out my Travel Essentials if you haven’t already), but I’m always open to switching things up a bit. These days, I tend to stick to white bags, but can see myself making an exception for this simple, black duffel. (Nordstrom)
7. These photographs of people obsessed with their smartphones has me rethinking my own behavior. (Bored Panda)
8. I’m not really a fan of Beats headphones or sports for that matter, but it seems Brian’s love for Lebron James’s return to Cleveland has gotten to me too. Check out their latest commercial. (Huffington Post)

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