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Fortune Finds70
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my current desires and distractions.

1. An informative and at times disappointing video infographic on what 2,000 calories actually looks like. (Business Insider) 
2. Cookie butter fans rejoice! A great homemade cookie butter recipe using any cookie as your base. (A Beautiful Mess)
3. New York’s Loews Regency is one of my favorite hotels, and this was before undergoing a 100-million dollar renovation. I love it even more now! I want to copy every last detail for my own future master bedroom and bathroom. Until then, I’ll just make the most of my time with the room on loan. (Telegraph)
4. Fall is in full swing, which means French-phrase sweater season is upon us. I love this La Superbe sweatshirt, but it’s already sold out! Quel dommage! (Madewell)
5. Speaking of French, I love this Jean Valjean baby costume idea, among others. Victor Hugo would be proud. (Hello Giggles)
6. Food phrases that we should all probably quit using. I’m definitely guilty of overdoing “jazz up” and “take it to the next level.” (The Kitchn)
7. “All About that Bass” 1940’s-style. Even better than the original. (Superstar Magazine)
8. Emoji comebacks worth knowing, because why have the last word when you can have the last emoji? (BuzzFeed)

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