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Fortune Finds77
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my current desires and distractions. Also, Happy Hanukkah!

1. The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog. Totally on point, but I still love and want it all. (Deadspin)
2. How Mindy Lahiri Are You? I was disappointed to learn I’m only “Mindy-ish.” (BuzzFeed)
3. A fake-out international airfare-booking tip that can save you big bucks, or euros, or pesos. (Time)
4. I haven’t skied in over a decade, but Brian’s never been and is coming home with me for Christmas, so I’m giving it another go. So far, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the shopping in preparation for the skiing. Favorite purchase? These great socks. (Columbia Sportswear)
5. Tonight’s the first night of Hanukkah. Light up the night with this great parody of “Shake it Off.” Not only is it catchy, but it’s so well written that you actually learn quite a lot about the holiday. (YouTube)
6. If you’re in need of a great guy’s stocking stuffer, look no further. The Wallet Ninja is your answer. The creator was recently interviewed on Bloomberg Television and I loved the concept. Great gift, right? (Wallet Ninja)
7. Mesmerized by this video of an expert gift wrapper doing his thing. I’ve taken notes. (The Telegraph)
8. Caffeine-free ways to beat that midday slump. Music to my coffee-abstaining ears. (Huffington Post)

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