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I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of the fruits of my web-surfing labor. 

1. Just made this pretty glass water bottle mine. (J.Crew)
2. Downton Abbey is back and so are the fashion recaps. Poor Mr. Molesley. (Fashionista)
3. The 10 Movies You Need to See This Awards Season. I’m 5 for 10 but plan to make it 6 soon after I drag Brian to Into the Woods. (Elle)
4. Lessons to learn from 8 kids who are already making millions. Can I adopt one please? (Entrepreneur)
5. New years are always a fun time to look back in time, like with these smells that 90’s girls will never forget. (BuzzFeed)
6. I’m not good with dog breeds, but have found this “Dogs of the World” infographic to be both helpful and so gosh dash adorable. I especially like how the dogs are grouped by geographic region. When Brian and I get a dog, I’d love to get an Asian breed, you know, to keep it in the family. (Doggie Drawings)
7. The 22 Most Hipster Foods on the Planet. I’m guilty of loving pickles, kimchi and tacos, but I’m a far cry from a hipster. (Huffington Post)
8. I still have no clue what kind of wedding china I want, but I do appreciate this Splurge vs. Save comparison. (Brides)

Oh and one more thing! Cleveland was named one of the top places to visit in 2015 by The L.A. Times! This news validates everything. If you haven’t already, you can see my save the dates here

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