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Fortune Finds83
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s some link-love for you. Hope you’re in a clicking mood!

1. The feeling you get when someone likes your Instagram, dramatized. #livesforlikes (Bustle)
2. A photo series exploring what it looks like to be an Orthodox Jewish woman in today’s world. (Elle)
3. Home Ec. 101: How to Keep a Clean Home. (Design*Sponge)
4. Check out the Obamas and Indian leadership doing their best Wes Anderson impression in New Dehli in this article. Scroll through and you’ll see the Indian PM in his signature suit. (Vox)
5. I’ve been living in my PJs these days. PJs that I’m quite proud of, by the way. Still, a girl could always use more sleepwear and I want to add this jersey robe to my collection. (J.Crew)
6. These days, depending on what you’re reading, the very same foods that are supposedly good for you can also be very, very bad for you. Everyone has an opinion. Sarah’s “Definitive Guide to Healthy Eating” helps bring some levity to it all. (A House in the Hills)
7. A roundup of helpful free tools to track your blog’s performance. (A Beautiful Mess)
8. Flossing is more important than brushing, and other smile lessons. (The Hairpin)

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