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Fortune Finds62
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here are some of my many current distractions. 

1. This time of year is when I start obsessing about not getting tan and wearing sunscreen, but I also hate the greasiness and smell of sunscreen. Here are some great options for similarly torn people. (Glamour)
2. How to eat healthy meals at restaurants. It’s something I still struggle with. (New York Times)
3. I don’t love overly sappy cards with pre-written messages. I’m all about the blank, simple ones that I can write in myself. These cards designed by a cancer survivor with direct, honest messages that she wishes she’d received from friends and family, I can appreciate. (Slate)
4. Why are you still washing your clothes in warm water? (io9)
5. Test your major cities’ skyline knowledge. I scored a 14/16. (Washington Post)
6. This video of an engaged couple seeing themselves transformed by makeup artists from their 20s to their 90s, had me in tears. (Next Avenue)
7. It’s pie season! Here’s the only formula you need to make fruit-pie filling. (Bon Appetit)
8. Read this one for yourself. (Mic.)

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