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Fortune Finds 091515
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s some of what I’m fancying myself.

1. Always a fan of Buzzfeed quizzes, this one on Who Said It? Donald Trump or Lucille Bluth (I admire them both) is surprisingly hard and a new favorite. (BuzzFeed)
2. Also worth watching ICYMI is Jimmy Fallon’s interview and rehearsal room bit with the Donald himself. (YouTube)
3. It’s a good time for late-night tv, which bodes well for a night owl such as myself. (Vanity Fair)
4. A writer/filmmaker perfectly articulates why he got bored with the DC dating scene, and explains why he’s so much happier dating in New York. This, of course is just one man’s opinion, but it’s a well-written one. For obvious reasons, I had a more successful time dating in DC than I ever did in New York. (Washington Post)
5. After about 10 days of living in the house without a refrigerator, Brian and I finally pulled the trigger and welcomed our new french-door counter-depth fridge last Tuesday. Since it’s counter-depth, we have a little less storage space so organization will be key. Here’s a good start. (Samsung)
6. Now that Brian and I have a real kitchen and all of these great wedding gifts, we’ve really been enjoying cooking meals for two. This Newlywed Cookbook has been especially helpful and inspiring. (Amazon)
7. Brian and I can’t wait to start hosting out-of-town guests soon. Until then, I’m going to brush up on Emily’s tips to help them feel their most welcome. (Cupcakes and Cashmere)
8. With this house, my spending priorities have changed. First on my list is furniture, followed closely by pajamas. I’m a change-straight-into-my-pjs-when-I-walk-through-the-door kind of gal and am really digging this particular nightshirt. (One Kings Lane)

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