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Fortune Finds 10.06.15
I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s some of the stuff keeping me good and distracted. I thought it a better use of my time late last night to put this list together than to practice for the big panel I’m moderating today. Priorities. 

1. Brian and I are still working out the division of labor in the house, but dishwashing is something we established very early on. I swear he does a bad job on purpose, because it’s left me no choice but to be the dishwasher in our family. Good thing there are some supposed health benefits, too. Something about soap studs. (Real Simple)
2. Speaking of soap, I picked up this hand soap and lotion duo from Anthropologie for our powder room. I love it. (Anthropologie)
3. Emily Henderson, the queen of room furnishings, shared a look at her newly styled basement guestroom and a really impressive job of dying her bed a new color. Personally, I prefer the look of her old room, but I’m always really impressed by her styling talents. (Emily Henderson)
4. Bravo’s Ladies of London is my favorite guilty pleasure. Basically, I want to be Caroline Stanbury, and it appears I’m not alone. (BuzzFeed)
5. Caroline would not approve of IKEA furniture, but maybe even she would appreciate these few times IKEA looked deceptively unlike IKEA. (My Domaine)
6. Have you had Talenti gelato? I’m a huge fan, and an even bigger fan now that I’ve discovered their Caramel Apple Pie flavor. It has all the stuff you’d expect (caramel and apples), but, get this, there are bits of flaky pie crust too! I can’t handle this. (Talenti)
7. Chefs share their tips for great pasta. This is one of the best, most helpful, most eye-opening things I’ve ever read. Seriously. (Epicurious)
8. An explanation for why Hollywood did so much breaking up this past summer. I’m also still hoping Ben and Jen get back together. For the kids, you know? (New York Times)

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