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Hi there. I’ve been MIA thanks to a quick trip to Florida to visit with Brian’s parents who are there for the rest of the week. I’m back now and boy is this “Hotlanta” thing a big lie. It’s freezing here! Anyway, here are a few links keeping me going.

1. So Anna Faris has a podcast? I had no idea, but now I do. This write-up of her latest episode where she interviewed both Jennifer Lawrence and her Chris Pratt sounds both fun and awkward. Why? Well, if you’re not as celebrity-gossip savvy as me, JLaw and Chris (Anna’s husband) filmed a sex scene together. (Vanity Fair)
2. I follow way too many Instagram accounts as it is, but I’m always looking to add a few more. Here, Emily shares a few of her favorites. (Cupcakes & Cashmere)
3. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, people. Naturally, I need this heart mold cake pan. (Amazon)
4. I’ve decided I must win tomorrow night’s Powerball, even if this article about my terrible chances and a high possibility of a shared pot is a bit of a downer. (Yahoo!)
5. By no means am I an authority on nutrition or dieting (I suck at both), but I do hate it when people blindly count calories (this was a recent topic of conversation). Here’s a good explainer for why. (Refinery29)
6. A new War & Peace tv series is coming to the BBC. I hadn’t heard anything about it until Sunday night’s Golden Globes, and now I can’t wait to see it. (YouTube)
7. So I don’t know why I’m just now getting around to watching Graham Norton celebrity interview clips (here’s one with Eddie Redmayne and Jennifer Lawrence), but better late than never. I just love the British. They do everything better, even late-night tv. (YouTube)
8. It is my life’s goal to be the true “hostess with the mostest.” Here are 15 hosting tips from some of the best of them.  (A Cup of Jo)

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