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Fortune Finds2

I hope this Tuesday finds you well. Here’s another installment of Fortune Finds. 

1. Yessss. Pictures from the new Girl Meets World
2. In desperate need of a cake stand and I’ve been lusting after this one for a while now. 
3. The fascinating fight over the memory of Anne Frank. 
4. Delightful mix and match popsicles that I can’t wait to try my hand at. 
5. I’m such a sucker for peter pan collars and therefore this top.
6. Who knew Leo had such great moves
7. Loving Madewell’s summer collection, especially that one-piece. 
8. In the mood for some homemade strawberry ice cream

It’s really too bad this week and the next will be consumed by schoolwork, so most of these things will have to be on hold. Then again, God created online shopping for a reason.

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