hello kitty iphone background


Hello-Kitty-iPhone-WallpaperAnyone who knows me, knows I’m unabashedly obsessed with Hello Kitty. So much so that the very first thing I did after getting my new iPhone was to search for Hello Kitty phone backgrounds. True story. Unfortunately, any excitement I had was quickly deflated when I saw the mostly pink, mostly tacky choices. Sure, I’m a huge Sanrio fanatic, but I’m also a grown woman (most of the time) and that doesn’t mean I’ll settle for just anything. So, not liking my options, I borrowed from other images and created my own set of mostly white, minimalistic lock screen and home screen images. You know, classy stuff. If you love Hello Kitty like I do, feel free to click the links and download them for your own use. It would make me so happy to know I helped other fans of Kitty White (her given name) incorporate a little more of her into their lives. I’m all about sharing the love. 

Happy Friday! 

P.S. Food posts to come next week when I’m no longer on my all-juice diet. Thanks for understanding. 

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