his and hers grilled cheeses


His & Hers Grilled Cheeses

The next couple days are going to be pretty hectic with two big work events consuming my life. But before I run off to deal with this thing called a “day job”, I thought I’d leave you with some easy grilled-cheese inspiration. And yes, pimento cheese is involved. How could I not after Fryday’s post

We’ve been eating a lot of sandwiches these days. You know, being house poor and all. But we’ve done a pretty good job of mixing our sandwich fixings up that it’s actually been a lot of fun, tasty too. 

In most cases, Brian and I enjoy our sandwiches the same way, but when it comes to grilled cheese, we have very different tastes. I like mine with pimento cheese, and Brian prefers the goat variety. Because I’m an equal-opportunity grilled-cheese eater, you get to see both.

Making pimento grilled cheese
My pimento grilled cheese is easy, really. All you need is bread, a generous helping of pimento cheese (which I get from Costco – or you can make your very own using this recipe), tomato slices and american cheese, because you can never have too much cheese. 

Making pimento grilled cheese
Throw in a buttered pan, and you know the rest. 

Pimento Grilled Cheese
Yes, yes, yes. Warm and gooey pimento cheese, tomato and two slices of crisp bread. What more do you need?

Brian making his grilled cheese
Here’s Brian’s version. Goat cheese, plenty of sundried tomatoes (we can’t even agree on the state of our tomatoes), and a slice of American cheese wedged in the middle (on that we do agree).

Brian is an American who wishes he could be italian, so his grilled cheese of choice is only fitting. More evidence of Brian’s wannabe-Italian ways in this home video from our honeymoon

Brian's Sundried Tomato and Goat Cheese Grilled Cheese
Que bellissima!

Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Grilled Cheese

Alright, friends. Are you on Team Pimento or team Goat Cheese? Both are great, if I’m being perfectly honest, but since you can only have one at a time (or do you?), allegiances must be picked.

Wishing you a good start to the week. Fingers crossed I survive mine. 

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  1. Wage says:

    Hard pass on the goat cheese. Have never liked the stuff. The pimento looks amazing. I like to grate whatever cheese I have in my fridge, add a slice of turkey and some spicy mustard on one of the insides of the bread. Perfect fall meal! I know you guys are missing the 50 degree weather up here :)

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