honeymoon video part 1: italy


Today, I’m very happy and exhausted (I stayed up way too late editing this) to share the first of two honeymoon home videos starring the always beautiful Italy. For now, I’ll let the video speak for itself, and follow up with more details on restaurants and things to do in the next couple days. 

Music: “Everything” by Kaptan

If you like what you see, you can catch my other home videos right here.

P.S. I really wanted to edit this video to the tune of “That’s Amore,” but ultimately decided it wasn’t the right fit. I sure do love that song though, mostly for the imagery of getting pizza pies thrown in the eye. Sign me up. 

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3 Responses to honeymoon video part 1: italy

  1. Teesa says:

    how you always manage to pick the right song with each video, i’ll never know. i love this! my favorite shot of you and brian happens around 2:26. cannot wait until part 2!

    • Yang says:

      it’s a gift. I’m also weird and keep a “home videos” playlist on Spotify that I add songs to whenever I hear a good one. I didn’t decide on this one until after the honeymoon. the Paris one I picked out a long time ago :).

  2. Chloe says:

    Beautiful!! Looks like you lovebirds had an amazing time <3

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