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So I’m doing a juice cleanse. I can feel your eye rolls. But I feel really good about it, I swear! 

This isn’t my first time on an all-juice diet. Back in April of last year, I did the 3-day Blueprint cleanse. It wasn’t easy (I hate ginger), but I felt really good after the fact and it was just the jumpstart I needed to take better care of myself and what I ate… until it wasn’t anymore. This time, I’m hoping the good vibes will last me a while longer now that I have a very big motivator to keep me going. 

Anyway, this time, I’ve embarked on a local juice cleanse, and have my friend Jillian to thank for the introduction to Jrink in Dupont Circle. If you’re familiar with Blueprint and its imitators, Jrink’s 3-day Beginner Reboot is very similar, except even better, and in prettier packaging to boot! The green and beet juices (the two more difficult ones to sip down) are gingerless which makes a world of difference to me. I’m sure I’m missing out on whatever health benefits ginger offers, but it’s a sacrifice I’m more than happy to make. If ginger’s your thing, Jrink’s “Not-as-Easy” Reboot’s got plenty of it. I wish you luck. 

I’m now on day 2 of my cleanse. From experience, it’s the toughest one of the three, but so far so good. I’m definitely not hungry, but man oh man does biting into a slice of cheesy pizza sound so good to me right now. I just hope it pays off, and for $155 (plus $10 for delivery, these bottles are heavy), I mean that in more ways than one. 

So what do you think? Is a juice cleanse something you’d do or am I crazy? 

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  1. Teesa says:

    yes, i’m definitely rolling my eyes. i never understood the point in cleanses. just do whatever you want in moderation and exercise, that’s what i say!

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